March 18, 2024

Shalom Shalom FRUITFUL Leaders,

Did you enjoy reading the first interview on our motherhood series? Well, you know the saying, “It keeps getting better”, that is what I have to describe this interview with Leader Tolulope Akere.

Get your smoothie and your journal because there is a lot of wisdom from this interview.


Tolu Akere

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: Sisters, let welcome and celebrate Leader Tolulope Akere, married for 10 years and blessed with 4 solid boys (yeah, you read that well, Mama is raising four strong nations). Tolulope currently lives in Lagos, and she works with the Health Maintenance Organization. You are welcome, sis.
Can you share your feelings as a first-time mum with us? And how has your experience as a mum changed you?

TOLULOPE AKERE: Mixed feelings……joy, happiness, overwhelmed, scared (doubted my ability to be responsible for a whole human and if I would do it well). As for my experience, I learned to be more patient when dealing with my older kids and not assume they are old/wiser because they have younger ones.

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: I see here that we are namesakes, hehe… I love it!
Do you want to share how you manage different needs and personalities among your kids?

TOLULOPE AKERE: I try to meet each one of them according to their needs/personalities. I prioritize their needs according to my perceived importance but ensure I meet all of  them at the end of the day one at a time. If I can combine their needs, I do.

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: This is beautiful, ensuring to meet everyone’s needs at the end of the day, no one should feel they are not cared for.
Can you please share with us  memorable challenges you have faced as a mum and how you overcame them?

TOLULOPE AKERE: I was combining my 8am to 5pm job alone at home with my 4 kids with no help for a month thereabout. I had to wake up early, prepare them for school, cook, take them to school, bring them back home, do assignments and every other thing in between as well as go to work too. That period stretched me, but I survived. I had to wake up earlier than usual and also plan and plan and plan all activities. The planning helped me because I was able to focus on the important and reduce time on less important activities.

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: That must have been a challenging time. Thank God for the wisdom to plan.
We would love to know what resources or support systems have been helpful to you as a mother of multiple children?

TOLULOPE AKERE: My mom and my husband. Also plenty of nuggets from the FRUITFUL Community.

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: Yay, the gift of men. Again, nothing beats a mothers love and I am here wishing your mum a happy mother’s day and saying a big thank you to her. My single sister reading this,  I hope you see say e get why to marry well?  Selah
Do you mind sharing with us how you encourage cooperation and teamwork among your children?

TOLULOPE AKERE: Prayer and reiterating to them the importance of sharing and caring for each other as siblings

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: Such a powerful tip, Prayer is KEY. Now to self care, how do you find time for yourself while taking care of your children?

TOLULOPE AKERE: When I need a break, I am not shy to ask my mum or hubby for help. I also ensure they sleep early so I have some few minutes to attend to personal stuff before I sleep too.

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: I would like to further highlight to my leaders that asking for help is never too much. Please, let’s ask for help and not burnout. Just maybe there is one person reading this who is missing their mum, I pray that the Lord sends the right help that you need to you.
Do you mind sharing with us how you nurture your relationship with each of your children individually?

TOLULOPE AKERE: I ensure I pay attention to them individually. A random hug, kiss, ‘I love you’. For the older ones that can tell me about their day, I listen attentively and allow them to express themselves.

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: I love random hugs, can I have one also? Winks… Hugs are actually therapeutic. Thank you.
How do you prioritize and manage your time effectively as a busy mom?

TOLULOPE AKERE: Plan, plan and plan. Have a routine that works for you and schedule a ‘me’ time even if it is just for 5/10 minutes.

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: We could never go wrong with planning, and neither could we over plan. As much as we plan everything, we also allow room for flexibility so that we don’t become slaves to our plans
Do you have any advice for mums with multiple children or those aspiring to have multiple ones?


  • Importance of routines.
  • Favoritism should be avoided at all costs.

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: I love the second point. A lot of us grew up as victims of favoritism but I see the narration changing now. People don’t want to have the label in their homes and I pray for more of God’s wisdom to always handle each unique ability in our children
What do you love most about being a mother to four children?

TOLULOPE AKERE: I love it when my kids tell me they love me randomly.

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: Okurrr, Okurrr, I loveeeee this, and I am here smiling sheepishly.
What have you learned so far about motherhood, especially with raising four nations?


  • Kids are different. One box does not fit all even if they are twins.
  • Do not make comparisons among your kids.
  • One needs God’s help and strength.

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: Yes, children are different. This has been an awesome interview so far and to my last question of the day…
How do you approach discipline and set boundaries in your household?

TOLULOPE AKERE: Prayer, dialogue, the word of God and the word of cane.

TOLULOPE AJAGBE: Succinct yet powerful. As believers, we know that our lives revolve around prayer and the word of God. Thank you for  modeling Christ in your home.

Thank you, sister, for bringing us right into your motherhood experience. I can surely say that the experience truly differs, and it’s not a one cap fits all. Motherhood is truly a remarkable gift and a privilege that we hold very close to our hearts.

Here you have it leaders, it was an awesome ride interviewing my beautiful leaders, Mopelola, a mother of teenagers and Tolulope, a mother of 4 boys as we have come to the end of the series.

I personally enjoyed this interview, I was blessed doing this with my sisters and I do have a few points I have taken note of to apply when I start my motherhood journey and of course, I am glad the blog will always be available for me to come back to.

Did you enjoy reading the interview? Do you have any nuggets to take home with you? Are there any lightbulb moments while reading this or perhaps something you would like to apply in your home on your motherhood journey? Please share that with us, including your appreciation of these two blessed leaders in the comments section.

Shalom Shalom!
For the FRUITFUL Editorial Team


  1. I enjoyed reading this series. Well done to all FRUITFUL Mothers. Your great work is seen and God’s reward is sure. Amen

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