The WILD Sisters

This is our flagship group on WhatsApp, and here, we don’t just pray, fast and give together, we hold each other accountable too, like the sisters that we are. Our prayers and fasts are anything but casual. They are structured, strategic and powerful, and we typically share the prayer schedule ahead of time so everyone can track with us, despite network challenges.

You can find a compilation of our prayers in our WILD FIRE book. So, if you are ready to not just supercharge your prayer life, but also submit to our culture of accountability and discipline, while enjoying great godly girl friendships, then The WILD Sisters is for you. We pray together every Friday over Zoom from 11.30pm to 1.30pm, with an option for another extended hour of prayer afterward. We also fast corporately on Wednesdays, praying at five different watches, 6am, 9am, 12noon, 3pm and 6pm, where we break bread together.

On Sundays, we spend sometime getting to know more about our WILD sisters through an in-house Social activity, which keeps the group buzzing. The WILD Sisters also get the opportunities to lead prayers and charges from time to time. Some of our WILD sisters shared their experience here in this WILD publication we titled WILD PURE HEARTS.

The WILD Sisters is the 100% experience of The WILD community.

We open admission into The WILD sisters periodically, so join our mailing list and stay close to our blog for details on when we open again.

No pre-requirements. You just need to be ready to prayyyyyyyyy.

But wait, before you jump in and apply, I want to emphasize that we take accountability so seriously that you would be removed from the group if you miss prayers without permission for a number of times.

The WILD efam

Oh, this is our extended family, open to everyone who wants to join us in our spiritual activities, but without the accountability offered in The WILD Sisters. Every Zoom link is shared with our eFam who are welcome to join in at any time, but the eFam WhatsApp group is kept permanently mute, with only Admins passing across information, usually related to prayers and fasting.

WILD eFam members can join The WILD Sisters, if they wish at any time admissions are ongoing, and WILD Sisters may also choose to join the eFam if their season doesn’t allow for them to be fully committed to The WILD Sisters.

If you would like to join the eFam, please send a message to Ololade (09035940191) OR Toyin (07033840385)

The WILD Wives

Oh, this group was birthed out of a need to pray as strategically and powerfully as we do in The WILD, but this time, for wives and moms strictly. We pray together on Sundays over Zoom, covering prayers for our husbands, children, and of course ourselves.

We also have periodic fasts. Prayer times are usually 11pm on Sundays, but on days when we fast, we pray at least twice during the fasting hours. All information are usually given ahead of time, so you don’t miss a thing.

This is also a largely MUTE group, however, we open for a few hours on Sundays for some prayer-related interaction, after which we mute again. You don’t need to apply to join this group. Just click this link, and you are in.

The prayer timetable can be found as the image for the group, so you know what is happening this Sunday.

Join The WILD Wives

Rejoicing Moms

This is for our sisters who are in faith for their babies, who we call Rejoicing moms. “He grants the barren woman a home, Like a joyful mother of children. Praise the LORD!” Psalm 113 v 9

We want to support you with our prayers as we walk this journey to motherhood with joy.We fast and pray every other Thursday (twice a month) and you can click this link to join the mostly MUTE group.

Corporate Prayers for Nigeria

Fellow Nigerians (lol), If you are only focused on all the news in Nigeria in 2021, it is very likely that you are very overwhelmed with all that is happening. It may feel like the next step is to give up.

Well, this is not the time to just PULL BACK, not at all. As SOLDIERS, it is time to wage war for our Nation, in prayers, with prophecies and confessions of the Word of God over our LAND Nigeria. If you, like me have STRUGGLED to pray alone without feeling overwhelmed, lacking ginger, or plain not knowing what and how to pray powerfully, say AMEN because now, all you need to do is join this MUTE group on WhatsApp where we get to pray and wage war for our nation on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12noon for 30mins over Zoom.

WILD Mentoring Academies

And while not exactly a PRAYER group, we believe in mentoring those coming behind us, and so we have MENTORING programs which are Faith-based, and run for 10 to 12 weeks, covering every aspect of life. They are free.

For singles, we have The FAB Sistership Mentoring Academy, and you can get details here, including how you can be a part of future experiences.

For stay at home Moms, who we call God’s Domestic Queens, we have the GDQ Mentoring Academy and details are here too, and it would be a joy to mentor you too, through your stay at home mommy season. We also have a free downloadable from the GDQ academy where 14 Queens shared their mentoring journey.

The Mentoring academies are led mainly by Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo, with support from usually alumni of the program. You do not have to be a part of The WILD to join the mentoring academies.