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March 20, 2023

Shalom Shalom, dear Elegant, Excellent, and Blessed WILD Sisters!

It’s that time of the week again, and we are back with some exciting content.

Remember how we started 2023 with a bang, with the refreshing, firebrand interview of our amazing Captain WILD? Well, guess what? We are back with a double treat, and this time, it’s from not one but two! It’s an interview with our unique, exceptional, and efficient Vice Captains!

This interview is different, rich, filled with wisdom, practical steps, and revealing details that will enrich your life. So, grab a seat, chill with a glass of tigernut juice, and ENJOY. Trust me, it’s going to be WILD!

BABA TOYIN FUNSHO (Head of Operations/ Treasurer)


BLESSING: Welcome, Vcaps. Can you please introduce yourself?

BABA TOYIN: My name is Baba Toyin Funsho. First, I like to refer to myself as the Apple of God’s eyes. I love the joy of being ABBA’s baby. I have been married for seven years with two amazing boys who make my life as a domestic queen fun. I run a physical and an online fashion store, and I have a part-time 9-5 job as an administrator.

BLESSING: Wow, our WILD leaders are constantly thriving in all areas! We are curious about how you do it all. Please, tell, what is your “secret sauce”?

BABA TOYIN: Do I really have a best secret sauce… Except I’m missing the concept of the question.

BLESSING: Well, you may not have a best secret sauce, but there would be certain things you do that structure your life, for example, personal leadership. What are the 3 to 5 leadership principles that you have discovered and executed that have contributed to your leading The WILD effectively?


  • Being a compassionate leader.
  • Leading from the heart.
  • Leading with the help of the Holy Spirit.

BLESSING: Leading from the heart and with the help of the Holy Spirit are so vital. I would like to go deep into your leadership from the heart. Could you please share with us your core values in life and the steps to work with those values?

BABA TOYIN: Integrity. I’m a firm believer in integrity. Let your word be your bond. No comprising. If I can’t do something, I’ll be upfront and say it as it is. I love the name I have built for myself, and I cherish it so much that I won’t let anything, especially a lack of integrity, destroy it.

BLESSING: I couldn’t agree more with you. Integrity is essential, and it’s always better to be truthful and honest, even when it is tough.
Speaking of difficulties and tough situations, how do you handle disappointments or unmet expectations? Especially if it’s something you’ve received God’s word for?

BABA TOYIN: Lately, I have learned to run things by consistently seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit and keeping an open mind. This way, whenever disappointment strikes, I can quickly find closure and move on. Although sometimes it may take me a couple of days to get over it, I trust the Holy Spirit to carry me through any hurt, and I make a conscious effort to forgive easily. This helps me guard my heart against pain and anger.

BLESSING: I admire your ability to find closure and forgiveness easily. It’s not always easy to let go of hurt and anger, but it is essential for our well-being.
As you grow emotionally healthy, what are those things you do very well now, that you wish you knew before getting married?

BABA TOYIN: Planning my life used to be a foreign concept to me, and the thought of it used to make me laugh. When I was single, I could just grab my bag and head out to see a friend or visit family without any plans or timelines. Even my daily routine was free-flowing, and a one-day visit could easily turn into two or three days.

But now, I plan even the tiniest details, like scheduling a visit to the saloon to get my hair done. I’m also much more conscious of my time these days, so if I do manage to see a friend (which isn’t often these days), I make sure to plan and let them know how long I can stay. That way, they won’t be disappointed if I can’t stay for the length of time they had hoped for.

In fact, if a hangout or visit can not happen between 10am and 2pm, you can count me out, hehe.

BLESSING: I can’t stop laughing, hahaha.. Your comment about the 10am – 2pm time slot cracked me up. But jokes aside, I think it’s great that you’ve learned to prioritize your time and be more intentional with your plans.
Now, can we go into your home? You seem to have a wonderful, happy home; the single ladies would like to know how you met your husband and how you knew He was God’s perfect choice for you.

BABA TOYIN: By the grace of God, I am happy in my marriage. It is not perfect, but my home is a happy place, and I am grateful for it.

Now, how did I meet him? Hmmm… Storytime… Let me take you on a journey…

Prior to meeting my husband, I had experienced my share of heartbreaks, and the last one almost cost me my life (I’ve shared this before in The WILD). After that heartbreak, I decided to rededicate my life to God and told Him that I didn’t want anything to do with the opposite sex. I was only interested in walking with Him and working for Him.

I also joined a new church called David Christian Centre (DCC), joined their believers and membership class, and finally joined a department to serve. On my first Sunday in the new department, I met my husband. He was new in the church like me and decided to join the same department.

We were asked to teach each other (it was the media department) as newcomers. I remember having a random thought at that moment like “what if that is your husband?”. I quickly dismissed the thought reminding myself that I was there to serve God, and not look for a man. My husband also had his own thoughts. According to him, he saw me as a person to mentor and train, since I looked like a teenager (blame it on my body frame).

We continued to see each other every Sunday and Wednesday, and we exchanged contact information and started talking. He was new to Lagos, so he needed someone to show him around. I once took him to the Lagos Island market to shop for his family when he was traveling home.

As time passed, our friendship grew stronger. We would see each other during break time at work, and sometimes, go to Wednesday services together. The friendship grew to the point that people in our department noticed there was a connection between us, but we never saw it.

At some point, I tried matchmaking him with other ladies! Little did I know that he already had his eyes set on me. Two or three years into the friendship, I asked him where it was headed because it seemed he was blocking prospective suitors. That was when he made his intentions known. We courted for another year and a bit before tying the knot. And here we are today, seven years later, still tying the knot!

BLESSING: WAOW! Such a heartwarming and inspiring love story! Thank you for sharing freely with us.
What is your current word for the season, and what are you currently working on in your Christian race?

BABA TOYIN: My current word, words actually, are consistency and trust. I am working on growing more in my walk with God and working for God.

BLESSING: I admire your dedication to growing in grace and faith in God. As you walk with God and improve your relationship with people, do you have deal breakers?

BABA TOYIN: Yes, plenty!

BLESSING: Lol. What makes you distance yourself from a person, teaching, or action?

BABA TOYIN: Once I sense their heart is impure, not only towards me but towards others as well, I become wary of building any kind of relationship with them. If they start speaking ill of someone in my presence, I become apprehensive about being influenced by their negativity. Because I fear negative influence, I am quick to cut ties with anyone whose behavior revolves solely around gossiping and putting people in a bad light.

BLESSING: I completely agree with you! Surrounding ourselves with the right people is important. As we come to associations, what does The WILD mean to you?

BABA TOYIN: The WILD is home to me. It is where I come to draw spiritual strength. It is my coven.

BLESSING: Home, sweet home! Tell us about your biggest WIN since you joined The WILD.

BABA TOYIN: A deep knowledge of God. I had been seeking a profound understanding of God, His ways, and alignment to purpose. I gain all three at The WILD, and best still, I am aligned with purpose.

BLESSING: I would love to hear more about your journey, but we have to round this up, so, any last word for us?

BABA TOYIN: Amidst the increasing darkness out there, I believe it’s important to make God our anchor and dwelling place in this season.

BLESSING: Thank you so much, Vcaps Toyin. It has been an honour to interview you! God bless you, Sis!



BLESSING: Shalom, sis. Can you please introduce yourself?

TEMILOLUWA: I’m Temiloluwa Akinsola. I’m a WILD woman and the current head of strategy in The WILD.

BLESSING: Welcome, sis Temi. Please tell us what your “secret sauce” is? And, what are the 3 to 5 leadership principles that you have discovered and executed which have contributed to your leading The WILD effectively?

TEMILOLUWA: My secret sauce is JESUS and an open mind.

Leadership principles that have helped me in leading The WILD are Servanthood, effective communication, and continuous learning.

BLESSING: Great principles! Principles are great, but the strategy for execution is even better. Could you please share with us what stands as your core values in life and the steps to work with those values?

TEMILOLUWA: I have several core values that I hold dear, but Integrity and Excellence are at the top of the list. To ensure I stay true to these values, I constantly measure my actions against them and make necessary adjustments when I’m not in alignment. Whether there is an audience or not, I remain driven by the pursuit of Integrity and Excellence in all I do.

BLESSING: Amazing! Integrity and Excellence serve as a compass in partnership with the Holy Spirit, to guide us in making great decisions.
How do you handle disappointments or unmet expectations? Especially if it’s something you’ve received God’s word for.

TEMILOLUWA: If I have received a word from God, I have faith that it will come to pass, and I hold on to that, except He tells me otherwise. As Isaiah 55:11 says, God’s word will always produce fruit and accomplish what He wants it to.

It is the same when I give my word to people. It will not return to me without any result. No! My word does what I want it to do. What I promise to do will certainly happen.’

Isaiah 55:11 EASY

However, in the case of disappointment, I first check within if perhaps I moved positions. I correct myself or ask God for clarity. Though I am quick to move on from unpleasant situations, I believe that all things are working together for my good, and if something doesn’t work out, I trust that God has something better in store for me. So, I keep moving forward with confidence and a positive attitude.

BLESSING: Thank you for sharing your perspective with us. It is comforting to know that even in disappointments, all things are working for our good.
Let’s talk about your single life. How are you waiting in this season?


I am confident that my future marriage is an assignment for me and would be a great ministry and blessing to me, my husband, and the rest of the world; so, now, I am intentionally practicing patience and contentment in my season of singleness. I am focusing on personal growth and preparing myself to be the best spouse possible so that I will never regret getting married or reminiscing about my single days while married.

Most importantly, I am maximizing and embracing this season, gaining wisdom to live a fulfilling life and impact the world positively.

BLESSING: I admire your perspective of marriage as an assignment and a ministry. It’s also inspiring to hear how you’re using your single life to prepare yourself for this future role. I think it’s important to value our current season while also having a vision for the future, and it sounds like you’re doing both well.
What is your current word for the season, and what are you currently working on in your Christian race?

TEMILOLUWA: That will be ABUNDANCE. And it’s in different dimensions. I’m understanding it more as the days go by and it’s so beautiful to unravel.

BLESSING: The Lord has given us all things in abundance, Glory!!! Let’s talk about your relationships. In your relationship with people, do you have deal breakers? What makes you distance yourself from a person, teaching, or action?

TEMILOLUWA: Hmmm, insincerity and probably, God’s instruction. So, if God says move, I move.

BLESSING: What a blessing it is to have such clarity!
What does The WILD mean to you? What has been your biggest WIN since joining The WILD?

TEMILOLUWA: The WILD means a thriving community to me. My biggest WIN would be my relationship with God. I’m a better Christian being in The WILD.

BLESSING: Glory to God! It’s been such a pleasure interviewing you, Sis Temi. Any last words for us?

TEMILOLUWA: I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to express my gratitude. It’s an honour to be granted this privilege, and I do not take it lightly.

I want to take this moment to extend my heartfelt appreciation to CoachE for trusting me with a leadership position in The WILD. Working alongside sisters Toyin, Blessing, Tope, Tolu, and Sharon has been an incredible experience that has made the journey worthwhile. To every WILD sister who has supported us, thank you for making it a joy to serve you.

I would also like to express my gratitude to every member of the Editorial Team for their invaluable contributions. May God bless each one of you!

BLESSING: It is an honor! God bless you, Sis!

Sisters, you now have it! Our two Vcaps have provided us with invaluable insights on how to live a WILD, victorious life, regardless of the season of our lives. So, please, don’t just read, also leave us a comment, like the post, share with your contacts, and most importantly, apply what you learned in your life!


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  1. It was such a gray honor to interview the VCAPS and reading it again makes me realized how blessed we are in this house. Thanks m’as’ for being vulnerable and I pray we all learn to walk intentionally with God as you set a good example. Shalom!

  2. Gimbiya Lydia Ishaya

    Planning is a key… however indeed Planning need to start from a place of prayer!
    Making my list of God’s generals of my generation…right here with my Sisters in this precious secret place….

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