Splag… A summary on How and Why we should pray for one another

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BTW, hope we have been reading all the incredible articles that the WILD Editorial Team has been dishing out like that 7-course meal our Saviour sets before us?

Ah, lets take a WHOLE minute to appreciate that team. They have been BRILLIANT!!!

Today, I want to do a summary of what went down at our last WILD FAST themed SPLAGCHNIZOMAI hehe

So, basically, for 3 days, and for 12 prayer watch hours, we interceded from a place of LOVE and COMPASSION for others, including our WILD Sisters, based off several areas God had highlighted to us.

We also had some of our sisters currently fighting battles in these areas share with us their experiences so that we could really identify with it

We had THREE main questions for them:

1. Why is it important we intercede for you, based on the issue?

2. How should we pray for you?

3. Beyond prayers, HOW else can we help and support you?

Our WILD Sisters who shared were VULNERABLE, and authentic, and this really made all the difference; really breaking our hearts and making us all more like Jesus.

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

Matthew 9 v 36

We will be back to have some sisters share their SPLAG…. experiences, but for now, we want to put together a sweet cliff-note summary of the answers that were shared with us to the three questions posed above.

Being there LIVE was everything, but if you somehow missed it, this should help. You are WELCOME!


Here, Sister F shared with us her battle with breast cancer, chemotherapy and all. On a personal note, she let us know how going through her treatments and losing her hair made her resort to weaves and extensions, and this made her lose the judgement she used to have for sisters who wore hair extensions a lot. She told us how a WILD Sister called and showed her so much love and care while she was in the hospital and how that made such a huge difference in her emotions.

It is so important that we pray the WORD over them, and also occasionally check up on them. She also asked us to pray that God helps anyone fighting a health challenge to learn something and find purpose in that pain, so they can minister to others too.


Here, Sis T brought out the emotions from us, sharing how sometimes even loved ones can say the most hurtful things to people like her (someone called her a couch potato), and they underestimate the amount of work that they have to do to keep the home running, even if they are not bringing in the money. She shared about how comparison and jealousy are feelings they have to grapple with, which can affect their identity and self-esteem, and even lead to depression.

Based on these, it is important that we pray that GOD opens their eyes to His TRUTH about them; their identity in Him so they don’t compare themselves with others and look down on their work at home; and that they find PURPOSE even within the four walls of their homes.

She also asked that we pray for strength for them so they do not grow weary in doing well. Finally, inviting stay-at-home moms to events and programs, offering to sort their transport fare and more, are welcome. Don’t just exclude them from things because you assume they wont have the time to leave their homes.


Here, WILD Sister A shared her almost 7-year-old journey in waiting for the fruit of the womb. She talked about how sometimes you have prayed SO MUCH and for SO LONG that you are now weary and don’t know how and what to pray again. Hence, it is important that we pray God’s word over them and even let them KNOW you are praying for them.

She added that it can be even more intentional when we write down their names somewhere and pray over them. Also, send words of encouragement to them occasionally and where you have the privilege to, please be a listening ear because sometimes, they just want to rant. Pray for JOY, PEACE and GRACE over them as they wait.


Here, we had a double delight. Sis L held the forte for the single moms while Sis D held it down for the Mature singles “Waiting can be HARD especially as you don’t know how long you would have to wait”, they said, so the only place to find succour is in scriptures.

Even though they agreed that the waiting season can be one in which we build capacity, it is also important that we pray scriptures over them so they find strength to hold on, and carry their burdens as the Bible says.

There is also the temptation for them to go here and there looking for solutions, so pray that they know who they believe (God), and REST in Him. Pray that they continue to walk in purpose as they wait and not just put their lives on hold. Pray that they don’t believe society’s lies like men don’t like ‘ambitious’ women so you need to slow down on your goals. Pray that they have clarity and are not desperate as several men can show up pretending to be the ‘Isaac’ meanwhile they are ‘Ishmael’.

Also, pray that they don’t fall for the pressure to go willfully and become a single mom since the men aren’t coming and committing. Depression can be real so pray for a sound mind for them. Pray that they don’t receive the lies of the enemy about their identity, beauty, stature, and more.

Pray that they are confident and have a healthy self-esteem because they know who they are in Christ. We asked if it was OK to hook them up and they said, “yes, if we have good mature Christian men, it is fine to do that”, because that is essentially what the world does with dating sites and all. And even though there have been temptations to try those sites, they didn’t find men that match their faith, so we believers can help.

We can also invite them for events and more. For the single moms, the bills are REAL so support when you can. Also, invite their kids to come and hang out with your kids at home so they get more familiar with husband and wife homes. Pray that they are patient with their children and not transfer anger, depression or any negative emotions to them.

Pray that their children are raised on purpose-path as the special kids that they are. Pray against the spirit of fear of making the wrong choice. Pray for JOY for them as JOY makes them see beyond their current situation and into the possible future.

Encourage them that God is still working on their matter so they should not give up. And finally, show concern for other areas of their lives, beyond their marital status.


Here, Sisters S and O shared their experiences dealing with separation and all. It is so important that we pray for our sisters in this situation because two are better than one, and if the man is not available, then we can be the second person in agreement with them in prayers. That way, they can look up to their sisters to hold them up. There are attacks everywhere, so pray for strength for them.

Also, assure them of the love of the Father that makes them enough, despite the lies the enemy tries to sell them as a result of their marriage. Don’t judge them, too. Satan has already dealt hard blows; don’t add to it. Pray for healing for their hearts because there is a tendency for bitterness and anger. Pray for their kids and where possible, do nice inclusive things for their kids.

Love up on the kids, babysit, etx. If they need to rant, be there for them too. Find out peculiar help they may need and offer it, or help raise an army to help there, e.g. legal, financial, psychological, etx. Pray for peace for them. Sometimes, the issues keep them awake at night

Pray for clarity; it can really be a confusing season for them. Pray for wisdom. Ah, pray for strength for them to still make the moves they need to make in their lives and careers, even while they pray for restoration. Pray for supernatural provision, timely help, good support system, and the right and safe community for them to heal and thrive.


Here, our WILD Sister V shared with us her financial struggles, how she fights,and how we can help. In some cases, it is not that you are not hardworking, or wasteful, but the bills keep coming and coming; sometimes as a result of support for an extended family member who needs it, health challenges and more. It can be a vicious cycle of debts so even when you work, you are working to pay piling debts. It can get so intense and stressful when even the next meal is not sure at home. It can make them start to lash out at loved ones around them especially when it looks like there’s no end to the problems.

Pray for them to dig deeper to find the root cause, pray for light. Pray that they can look beyond the situation and see that Jesus is bigger than it and have FAITH over FEAR. Pray for their hearts, that they have the right attitude, not whingeing and complaining, especially when things go wrong AGAIN. Pray for destiny and financial helpers, especially at the right time.

Pray that the Holy Spirit gives them unique ideas on how to use what they have to get what they want, especially as family women. And in the kitchen, that they are resourceful in managing resources. Pray that they are patient through this season which is temporary. Pray that they do not compromise when Satan comes with illegal offers.

Pray against the spirit of shame. Also, if you have job offers, extend to them. If you can, teach them how to manage their finances.

Offer loans and credit where you can.

Teach them business skills if you can.

Be generous also with words of affirmations to help them fight shame and guilt.


Here, one of us, Sister B, a Pastor’s wife, told us why the Church needs prayers. She asked us to pray prayers of thanksgiving over our Pastors, thanking God for the teachings they give us. She also recommended that we call them to ask how they are doing, as they are constantly pouring out. Furthermore, serve in church wholeheartedly and sacrificially; not from eye service. Be a soul winner; that makes your Pastor really happy.

Give. Pastors also have financial challenges and everyone keeps coming to them for help, so give to them,too. Also, pray that they are discerning when they counsel people as some people come with evil and sinister motives.

Phew! How AMAZING was it reading this?This is CHURCH, Family. God wants us to identify with the pains of our people and be moved with love and compassion, too, as Him. We intercede and then do what we can to help. That’s what SPLAG… Fast was about, and this is our NEW NORMAL in The WILD.

Till I come your way next time, let’s keep the SPLAG fire burning.

With so much LOVE

Eziaha,Captain WILD

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