Single and Joyful 3

Hello, Sisters!
I’m back with another beautiful episode of our series, “SINGLE AND JOYFUL”. Today, we have a fascinating WILD Sister whose name alone will catch your attention, hehe. Let me not keep you in too much suspense, let’s get right into our intriguing conversation.

Cindy John-Chu

OLUTEMI: Welcome to ‘SINGLE AND JOYFUL’, Sis. Tell me about yourself.

CINDY: My name is Cindy John-Chu (don’t ask me if I’m Chinese…lol). I am the first of three children. I love: cooking/baking new recipes (I’m being careful not to describe myself as a foodie, we’ve been admonished to be wordies instead😁), writing, talking sometimes and practicing physiotherapy.

OLUTEMI: Hahaha, was actually going to ask if you are Chinese, but I hold my peace, lol. And yes oo, we are wordies and foodies, but we feed our spirit and not our flesh, Glory to God.
What do you consider as the joy or advantages of being single?

CINDY: Being adventurous and explorative without too much apology.

OLUTEMI: She said without too much apology, let me add without too much explanations, hehe.
To you, what are the struggles or pressures of being single?

CINDY: That would be:
i. Watching all your contemporaries get married and wondering if something is wrong with you.
ii. The subtlety of parents asking for their grandchildren.
iii. And God! The emotions…sigh.

OLUTEMI: What I have learnt is that in this life, there is a set time for everything and God has settled it all. We just need to follow His timing and not rush things based on our own idea of what time is too late or too early. I also pray that our loved ones will be more understanding of our season.
How do you respond to societal pressures of the most popular question, “when are you getting married?”

CINDY: I make a joke out of it. I’ve learnt that laughing about serious issues like this helps minimise the negative impact it would have had on me.
At other times when I’m not in the mood, I outrightly ask the questioner to do something about it like hook me up, if they’re that concerned.

OLUTEMI: I personally believe laughter is the word for the season. Our last interview feature in this series said something similar about laughter and now you’ve echoed it. So, sisters, LAUGH. Laugh and rejoice in the Lord for HE is good!
What scriptures keep you grounded and how do you apply them?

CINDY: Genesis 2:18. I am reminded that God’s will is for me to marry and not to be single forever. I personalise it and confess it out loud especially those times when I’m having a mind battle about my marital status.
Another is, Romans 6:1. This reminds me that I can’t afford to get involved in relationships that don’t please God and expect His blessing over it. Believe me, there are times when it just feels like you’re being bound by too many principles, but this scripture helps reset my head at those times.

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.

Genesis 2:18 NLT

Well then, should we keep on sinning so that God can show us more and more of his wonderful grace?

Romans 6:1 NLT

OLUTEMI: Honestly, sis, anything outside God is just pure wahala.
What are your core values and what would you say your identity or self-worth is tied to?

CINDY: My core values are, loyalty, faith, truth and hardwork. I think my self-worth to a large extent is tied to my job and career pursuit.

OLUTEMI: Hmmm, permit me to say this, Sis. Our jobs and career pursuit, or anything for that matter, are too fickle and temporal for us to hinge our self-worth on. Please, reconsider making Christ and your relationship with Him the anchor of your identity and self-worth.
What’s the one thing you wish people could stop saying to you and the one thing you wish they’d do instead?

CINDY: Oh yeah…this one. I wish they’d stop saying, “Cindy, we know you’re a strong woman, you’ve got this.” I wish that they’d instead, listen and ask how they can help. That would be a lot better.

OLUTEMI: Rather than assume or jump into conclusions, genuinely listen to understand, and ask how you can be of help; I agree, sis.
What is your ideal way of having FUN or should I say, “Living your best life”?

CINDY: I’m a very quiet person although I know my friends don’t agree with that. So, my ideal way of having fun would be to go to the cinemas to see a movie, do some window shopping, have lunch by myself and take myself home relishing the memories of the day.
If I have some friends around, spending time with them is also refreshing.

OLUTEMI: I found me a window shopping sister! Spending quality time by ourselves or with loved ones is indeed refreshing.
Thank you, Sis Cindy, for freely sharing your Singlehood journey with us and insights on how to rock this season. Because you shared, we get to see things from your perspective and understand your journey better.

Dear sisters, Cindy has taken us on a wonderful journey of learning. Please, tell us in the comment section what you learnt, what hit home for you and what you’d do better henceforth.
Till I come your way again, please stay joyful, whether you’re Single or married.

Lots of Love,
For The WILD Editorial Team

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