Now, you can PRAY FOR NIGERIA with our GIFT (Free download inside)

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE to Nigeria and my WILD Nigerians
So we have a SWEET GREEN Independence GIFT for you to unwrap this special day.


Like you know, for many months now, we have been praying for Nigeria, led by our WILD Sister, Oluwatoyosi Bakare, and a few others.We have prayed intentionally, strategically and POWERFUL prayers from the WORD of God, and we compiled it all into this PRAYER JOURNAL, so that whenever you want to pray for Nigeria, you can just flip it and be guided into real powerful prayers.

We have talked and complained a LOT. Now it is time to use our mouth to CHANGE things for good in prayers. Thats the one that gets rewarded.

The BEST part is it is FREE and you can download it HERE right now. No email or name needed. Just ONE sweet click.

DOWNLOAD the strategic prophetic corporate prayers for Nigeria “Let us pray 🇳🇬”

And sharing is HUMAN, so please share share share with your community

See you in the throne room hehe, as our prayers rise up a sweet smelling savor to our GOD and our answers come down.
Happy Independence again and GOD BLESS NIGERIA

With so MUCH Love
Eziaha & Oluwatoyosi

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