Embracing Motherhood: A Journey of Love, Laughter and Endless Joy

March 22, 2024

Motherhood stands as one of life’s most sacred honors bestowed upon women. It signifies an eternal connection between a mother and her offspring, where values and wisdom are imparted and cherished through the passage of time. In every woman’s narrative, motherhood marks a pivotal chapter, irrespective of its origin – whether through biological means, adoption, or the compassionate care of a family member.

To be a mother transcends the mere act of giving birth; it embodies an innate understanding and profound love for a soul even before its physical presence is realized. It is to embrace and nurture a child, regardless of their biological lineage, welcoming them into the folds of one’s heart with boundless affection and selflessness. Motherhood, revered and sanctified, is a divine blessing, underscoring the essence of God’s benevolence and compassion. It serves as a conduit through which one comprehends the depths of divine love and grace, thereby illuminating the path towards nurturing and guiding the next generation with unwavering devotion.

Motherhood, indeed, is a journey of sanctity and sweetness intertwined. It is found in the endearing moments of flipping through candid photographs, where laughter echoes through the halls of memory. It is felt in the unexpected embrace of a child, infused with warmth and tenderness. It is heard in the melodious chorus of “I love you, Mommy,” echoing the purest form of affection. And it is cherished in the endless inquiries and playful antics that define the unique bond between a mother and her child.

To culminate this series, some of our FRUITFUL Moms tell us what motherhood means to them:

“Motherhood embodies the profound capacity to impart my love, ideals, values, legacies, and beliefs to a fresh human being. It’s the invaluable privilege of nurturing well-rounded, spiritually and physically healthy children who will influence future generations for Christ and the Kingdom. This is my calling and mission as a mother.”
Blessing Odiaka-Afakwu

“Motherhood is about nurturing life. It is a stage in the life of a woman when other lives are given to you to nurture and take care of. These lives may be your biological or spiritual children. They might even be academic children if you are a teacher like me. God gave us these lives to impact them and train them in the way of the Lord so that when they are old, they will not depart from these ways.

Motherhood is a ministry on its own that every woman who understands their primary assignment here on earth will embrace with all Joy. Moms are at the forefront of teaching kids about the word of God and modeling Christian ways of living in their own homes to their children.
“Isaiah 66:13-14 – As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.” 14 When you see this, your heart will rejoice and you will flourish like grass; the hand of the LORD will be made known to his servants, but his fury will be shown to his foes.”
Motherhood entails comforting and encouraging the children God has given you with the Word of God.”
Uche-Collins Favour

“Motherhood to me means unconditional love and sacrifice for the family which in turn brings blessings to you as a woman, daughter, wife, and mother. Your joy is full when you see your family happy, thriving, and healthy.”
 –Ibukunoluwa Okeke

“Motherhood is a privilege and also such a huge opportunity; partnering with God to raise the precious gifts that He has entrusted into our care is not something to be taken lightly.”
Abisola Kuku

“Motherhood to me in the simplest of terms is nurturing. I consider it a blessing and a huge responsibility that lives are entrusted to me. Leading, teaching, guiding, training, and loving unconditionally are lifelong responsibilities that I find a worthy task.

It also means looking beyond myself, being selfless, and stretching myself to be the best version of myself because as I strive to instill values in my children, I am also unlearning and relearning. Also, the easiest way for a child to become is if you are. In other words, it means being authentic.”
Elizabeth Simon

“Motherhood is an opportunity to partner with God to raise end-time soldiers.
It is a call and a daily sacrifice. One that gives fulfillment almost daily.”
Jane Nmam-boms

“For me, motherhood is a journey, there are the good days and bad days. And for me, it also means hard work.”
Esther Adeyemo

“Motherhood is a gift from the Lord one of the ways we can glorify and serve God” (1Tim 5:10).
It offers many opportunities to grow in our understanding of God’s mercy, love, and grace.
Motherhood is sanctifying, but it is also sweet.”
Oluwabukolami Ibikunle

“Motherhood is a major assignment for me to raise Godly seeds after God’s own heart. It’s a tough job, but I believe daily that I receive grace for each day’s demand.
My recent scripture for this is, “Faithful is He that calleth, who also will do it!”- 1 Thessalonians 5:24.”
Adedoyin Ileyemi

“Motherhood is a privilege; being entrusted with a life to nurture and guide.
Motherhood is a sacrifice; putting aside your pleasures sometimes to give your children the best that you can afford.”
Olamide Isibor

“Motherhood means I am God’s custodian of His masterpiece with a great destiny that I must steward well for His Glory. It connotes a great responsibility with duties that I must not shirk on.”
Blessing Umeh

“Motherhood embodies unconditional love, nurturing guidance, and an unwavering commitment to supporting and shaping the growth of another life.
Motherhood is a profound journey of selflessness, sacrifice, and boundless affection, fostering a deep connection that transcends time and circumstance.”
Juliet Odjoko

As you can see, motherhood is a beautiful journey that is unique to each of us. It’s a blend of emotions, experiences, and dreams we hold for our children. Whether you became a mom through birth, adoption, or caring for loved ones, the rewards are endless.

So let’s savor every moment, cherish every smile, and embrace the elegance of motherhood.
Here’s to you, moms, for making every day a masterpiece!

Ethel ‘Thelz’ Apollo
For the FRUITFUL editorial team

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this series and I believe God’s help to be a wise mother when I step into that role. Amen.

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