JULY WILD UPDATE: All the exciting things that went down in The WILD in JULY

Hey, WILD Fam!

Trust you’re bubbling?

Toolz here, with scoops and deets of all the amazing activities that went down in The WILD in JULY.

First on the list, we kicked off July with welcoming our new sisters into The WILD (Whoop!!! Happy One Month Anniversary, sisters😁)

Next, we had a 3-day FRUIT FAST with the theme, WILD HIT-LIST. Here, we stood in the gap for our unsaved loved ones (yep, snatch away from the enemy geng⚔️).

After this, we started our WILD Bible book feast, a study on Nehemiah. Ah, it was sooo good! I mean, I’ve read Nehemiah before but during this study, I recieved fresh insights I didn’t see before. Cheers to building that stone wall!!!

Some More Interesting Updates

We introduced a sweet session into our Friday Prayers –  Halal Palak 15 (Walk and Pray for 15 minutes), where we share our prayer points and intercede for one another over zoom. Sweet!

Inspired by our NEHEMIAH study, we launched WILD Club 52, an accountability group for 10 sisters who want to be intentional in any area of their life they are struggling with. It is literally Building that stone wall and holding themselves accountable to what they are building/working on in 52 days.

We ended the month with another POWER PACKED 3-day fast themed, SPLAGCHNIZOMAI. Such an interesting word right? It’s Greek for COMPASSION.

It was W-I-L-D in every sense! Some interesting things to note about this fast include:- We had only raw food (fruits and salads) for those 3 days.- In 12 watches, we had our sisters (single, married, moms-in-waiting, stay-at-moms, etc.) share richly and VULNERABLY with us about their personal experiences, and how they would like us to pray for them.- We gave huge and generously, too.

See what one of us had to say about the fast. 

“First, my eyes were opened to what compassion really is. It’s actually beyond what I knew and practiced before. I now understand compassion in a deeper and better way.

Second, I now know how important vulnerability is and I really appreciate the sisters who spoke in the different sessions for being vulnerable. Takeaway: My story can encourage, bring hope, heal and light up someone.

Third, the ‘practical Bible study tips session’ with CoachE was just for me. How to study the Bible is a question I have always asked people about and yet, I still struggled with it. But BOOM, with that session, I have been exposed to how I can now go about it. The tips CoachE gave are tips I would never lose.”

So many more of this kind of testimony was shared in our community! So good😁😁😁

Like I mentioned earlier, we had an opportunity to GIVE. And our sisters showed UP, ahhh!!! We were able to raise more than half a million, beating our last record of N425,000 in June.

Super amazing! God is so faithful!! 

We offered financial support, a “WILD happy loan” to two of our sisters who needed capital to start their businesses. 

We also financially supported and provided foodstuffs for the families of some of our sisters.

To begin the month of August, we had our first EVER Singles Night in The WILD, and it was sizzling hottt!

First, we had five married sisters share with us how they met their husbands, and then we had some of our single ladies share vulnerably all the struggles they encounter as they journey through Singlehood as mature Singles.

Fun fact: Our WILD sisters looove gist! The chatroom was buzzinggg all through and most of us didn’t want the meeting to end. Haha😂😂😂

Our married sisters dished out wisdom left, right and centre. Honestly, this is one meeting we can’t forget anytime soon.

I’m looking forward to more nights like this.

Okay, I know you’re enjoying all the gist but that’s all for today, hehe.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon enough with the next WILD updates. Till then, don’t forget that I love you, and God loves you more!

Love and Light,

Toolz (your WILD bestie)

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