Shalom Sisters!

To the glory of God, we recently concluded our fast on Jehovah Ra’ah and I trust that we learned to listen to our Shepherd’s voice and rely on His love. This post is a summary resource on the benefits of Ra’ah in our daily walk. I believe you will find treasures within this post that will encourage you as we enter the Christmas festive season.


1) He gives us protection:

As His sheep, Ra’ah is promising us complete protection from all kinds of harm if we follow Him (John 10:12-13).

Another man may take care of sheep so that he gets money. But the sheep do not belong to him. A man like that is not the shepherd. If a wolf comes, a man like that runs away when he sees it. He leaves the sheep in danger. Then the wolf attacks the sheep. It causes them to run away in all directions. That man runs away because the sheep do not belong to him. He does not think that the sheep are important.

John 10:12‭-‬13 EASY

Sheep-herders, who can sometimes be our friends, colleagues, elders, or society, can give us advice but leave us alone when their advice puts us in danger. As well-meaning as the advice and directions of others can be, no one assures of rescue in time of need like Jesus. So, let us cultivate the habit of running all our decisions by Him.

2) He brings us to abundant provision regardless of circumstances:

In Psalm 23:2-3, the Bible tells us that our Shepherd lets us lie down in green pastures and beside quiet waters, feeding until we are full. If we look at pictures of sheep herding in the time of David, we observe that sheep are usually led in a desert land and the shepherd finds grazing ground and water for his sheep. David is telling us in Psalm 23 that since we are the sheep of His pasture (Psalm 95:7), He takes personal responsibility to bring us to abundance in a wilderness world.

So, cheer up sister, and forget about the inflation and fluctuations in the economy. Our Shepherd-God will feed us daily with sufficient water so that we would be fat and well-fed.

3) He will not allow us to make destiny-altering mistakes:

There are some mistakes that when made can set a man back 20 or 30 years. However, our Shepherd promises to guide us with His rod and staff. Our Father, who is also Our Shepherd, gave us freedom because He loves us, but He also watches over us carefully to be sure we do not use our freedom to enter a pit. In Psalm 23:4, Our Jehovah Ra’ah holds in His hands a rod that has a hook to pull us by our necks if we want to enter a pit.

He loves us so much that He will correct us lovingly as His precious sheep.

4) He will not allow our enemies to mock us (God no go shame us):

The highlight of this Bible Psalm is God’s promise to feed us in the presence of our enemies and then anoint our heads. One of the greatest tactics the enemy loves to use is, “Where is your God?”. He deploys all tricks to make us question the love and devotion of our Shepherd. You prayed for that miracle, but you didn’t see it; you wanted that job, but you didn’t get it; you fasted for that gift, but it is still not manifested. Beloved, relax! Calm down! The Shepherd knows just what He is doing, He is preparing the large meal to be served perfectly. Learn to trust Him and watch Him perform His words.

We have recurring testimonies of how He keeps showing up as our Shepherd. Do not get tired of leaning and resting on Him, Sis. He has come to give you rest. So, rest, sister! Shalom!

The Lord takes care of me, like a shepherd with his sheep. I have everything that I need. He takes me to green fields where I can rest. He leads me to streams of water where I can drink. He gives me new strength in my life. He is my guide to the right paths. He does this to give honour to his name. I may walk through a valley that is as dark as death. But I will not be afraid of any danger. This is because you are with me, Lord. Your stick and your shepherd’s pole protect me from danger. You prepare a big meal for me while my enemies watch. You put olive oil on my head. You bless me so much that my cup is completely full. I am sure that you will always be good to me. You will love me all the days of my life. That will never change. I will live in the Lord’s house for as long as I live.

Psalms 23:1‭-‬6 EASY

For The WILD Editorial Team


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