10 Questions For A WILD Sister – Favour Uche-Collins (WILD Kain-Soteria)

10 Questions For A WILD Sister – Favour Uche-Collins (WILD Kain-Soteria)

Hello and welcome to another intriguing episode of our WILD interview series where we get to know more about our WILD sisters. I am Temitope, your host for today’s beautiful conversation.

I learnt two key things from this interview. One, pray always and two, desire to know and understand the word of God. Over to you, Sis! Sit back, enjoy and share with us your key takeaways from this WILD conversation!

INTERVIEWER: Hello, WILD Sister! Please, tell us about yourself.

A: My name is Uche-Collins Favour Aghogho. I live in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. I am a Deltan (Urhobo) by birth and an Abian (Igbo) by marriage.

I was born on the 5th of April.
By God’s grace, I am a teacher (I teach Mathematics and Further mathematics in a private Christian secondary school at Port Harcourt).

I am also a baker; I bake all kinds of sumptuous cakes. Sis Bukky can confirm the taste😄😄.
I am married to a lovely prince charming and we have been given three lovely seeds (2 boys and 1 girl) to steward for the Master.

INTERVIEWER: Amazing! Thank you for such a detailed introduction. Please tell us, how did you discover The WILD and how long have you been in the community?

A: I was first connected to Halak Palal by a sister of mine, Bukky; from there I saw an opening for GDQ which I applied for and was accepted, from there I got to know about The WILD sisters and I joined.

I can’t really remember the specific date because I didn’t Journal it but I know it was during the Covid-19 period around the end of 2020.

INTERVIEWER: Kudos to friends who give us quality information that help us grow spiritually and otherwise!
How has The WILD impacted your spiritual life and lifestyle?

A: This paper will not be enough to enumerate that because they are too many. Where do I even start? Is it from learning how to war with scriptures? Or from learning how to have compassion for people?

I have learned how to give, how to study the Word, how to invest in buying Bibles and studying them like my able CoachE, how to relate better with hubby, how to build great sistership relationships. Kai! They are too many, let me stop here, abeg.

INTERVIEWER: Hahaha, Glory to God! The WILD has been a great blessing to you and has helped you grow in all spheres of your life… So good!

As a WILD woman, who is your WILD Hero in this season and why?

A: My WILD Hero in this season of my life is Mrs Manoah; I believe I need the angelic visitations (gifts of the spirit, encounters with God) and the wisdom she applied in handling the novice of her husband.

Also, her standing in the gap for her home (being on the threshing floor). I believe God has brought me at this time of my life as the gatekeeper of my home. To wage war against the enemy at the gate.

The Proverbs 31 woman also lights up to me too: having the strength to do all of these things and not go weary.

INTERVIEWER: YES to Angelic visitations and wisdom to steward such encounters right!
Please share with us your go-to scripture that you can recite from memory.

A: They are so many but this one thrills me a lot:

Men ought always to pray and not to faint. (KJV). AMPC says not to be a coward.

Luke 18:1b

But the God of all grace, after ye have suffered for a while make you perfect, stablish, strengthen and settle you.

1 Peter 5:10

INTERVIEWER: AMPC truly amplifies it, we must not be cowards when it comes to prayer. It’s our ticket to communcating with our Abba Father.
What is the most memorable event in your life?

A: I can’t remember if there is any special one because every day I see God’s word made flesh in my life is a memorable day to me.

Like the day I heard an audible voice speak to me that someone I never expected was coming to my home and before I could finish contemplating with Him, the person was standing right behind me, and he’d travelled from another state to visit. This amazed me because He told me, I was really excited to hear Him speak. And this happened when I was in my early twenties.

INTERVIEWER: The joy of hearing God’s voice and then the confirmation of the word He spoke to us, it’s undescribable! God is such a loving Father.
If you could be best friends with anyone in the world, who would you choose?

A: In Nigeria, Apostle Joshua Selman – just to be given the opportunity to sit at his feet listening to every of God’s word that comes out of his mouth everyday, and to be going around with him anywhere he goes to preach so I can listen to what he is saying LIVE.

My heart longs for anyone who dishes out the Undiluted word of God.
Outside Nigeria would be Gmama Joyce Meyer and Priscilla Shirer. Just to sit with them and hear them talk to me face to face.

INTERVIEWER: The rhema of the word will just be hitting you left, right and center with Apostle Joshua Selman. Jmama and Priscilla, too. Hmmmn, Favour is a wise woman!
Tell, what is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt recently?

A: That would be having compassion for souls, especially for those who are going through what I am going through or those going through what I have gone through, and pray passionately for them.

INTERVIEWER: Compassion, I gained more knowledge on it in our recent WILD Fast. Having compassion for others should be our way of life.
If you were stuck on an island and you had the opportunity to carry only 3 things, what would they be?

A: Water, a gadget that can carry messages of apostle Selman and worship songs, and of course, my Bible.

INTERVIEWER: I was here thinking “food” would enter this list, but Sis Favour chose the WORD twice. Man truly shall not live by bread alone oo. Great choices, sis.

Whoops! We’ve come to the final question for today: What is your best personality trait that people notice a lot about you and it warms you up to them?

A: That would be making people happy and never wanting to hear they are sad, doing my best to see that they have solution to their problems.

INTERVIEWER: That’s the gift of encouragement right there. A caring heart 👌. Well done, sis. More Grace.

A: Thanks for this privilege to share with The WILD. I am really honored and I don’t take this for granted.

INTERVIEWER: God bless you richly, Sis. I had a great time chatting with you and I know our readers would agree with me on that.

Like we learnt from Favour’s go-to scripture, we musn’t be cowards when it comes to prayer. Let’s stay prayed up, sisters. We are strenghtened and graced for the life God has called us to. Amen.

Please, don’t forget to drop a comment of your takeaways from this interview.

Till I come your way again. I remain Temitope.

For The WILD Editorial Team.

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