Hello, beautiful FRUITFUL leaders. Welcome to a new month of God’s blessings encompassing you all around. So leaders, did y’all miss us because we sure did miss you – yes, you! You can show us your love and let us know if you missed us in the comment section.

You know what they say about unbent, unbound, and unbroken? Yeah, right, that was me before the FRUITFUL break. The enemy came, but alas, he failed because I have been well rooted and grounded in the Word of God. Thank God I also belong to a community where I learned and had prayed about being unshakable, a strong woman, and a leader… my weapon of war came out to play 😁😁😁. Well, I would acknowledge the WILD, which, of course, is now the FRUITFUL because I knew who I was before I became a member of the house – I would have been worried. 

Amidst all of this, I was reminded that: I have joy overflowing in every aspect of my life. I have a life that I enjoy. Whatever the situation, my joy is not tied to it. My joy is in the Lord, my joy overflows. I have intense joy in the Lord. Joy is my inheritance, and there’s no permission for sadness or sorrow. A happy heart radiates true joy that is tangible. Sisters, my voice was the loudest praising God throughout because that’s what the FRUITFUL has instilled in us. 

I believe the renaming of the WILD to the FRUITFUL was one of the best things to happen and a great way to begin the new year. I must confess that when I heard the new name that my heart leapt for joy. Given the current economic reality in the country, the new name is an encouragement not to worry about the inflation and foreign exchange rates, but to make God and His word our anchor. I must say that the 72 hour prayer chain started us well on a high pedestal to kick start us into this new reality of FRUITFULNESS. This name change also resonated with a lot leaders, showing how we truly are in alignment. 

As we herald a new month this day, some specially beautiful (we are too fine in this community) FRUITFUL leaders share with us how their holiday went, how the prayer chain supercharged them and what the name change signifies for them. My dears, grab a bowl of popcorn and peanuts as we take you on this ride and welcome you officially to our first blog interview of the FRUITFUL community.


VERA: Hello leader, you look amazing and gorgeous. Please, kindly introduce yourself and tell us any fun fact about you.

TOSAN: My name is Tosan Mojuetan. I am a Nigerian resident in Nigeria. I am an environmentalist. I am a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I am also single and I belong to the FRUITFUL! Yeah!!

A fun fact about me Is that when I get really curious about a thing; it legit pushes me to research quite extensively (One would think, I am preparing for an assessment). Early this year, I researched on ”honey”. Why? I didn’t know how honey was harvested. I know better now.

VERA: Shalom Shalom, leader Tosan . I love the whole research mode activation with you. Now, that’s the true spirit of one who genuinely wants to gain the correct knowledge about a thing. You should teach us a thing or two about honey. 

So, do tell us, did you travel during the holiday? What was the highlight of your holiday?

TOSAN: I did travel at different times within the holiday period. However, my highlight during the holiday was having a fuller house and spending time with family. It was beautiful!

VERA: The absolute joy and organised chaos of having a fuller house… that is something I can relate with. It makes the holiday more fun, interesting and with those ‘oops’ moment, wanting it to end and right away looking forward to the very next holiday.

The holiday season Is usually super distractive. How did you integrate prayer or spiritual practices into your holiday routine?

VERA: To a great extent; the holiday season did not distract me. Though a fuller house means increased noise and disturbances; it also means more participation during devotion and fellowship which was a plus for me. It was beautiful. However, I  maximized my free time when I was less busy and when the house was quieter. Also, I took some walks to church to spend some alone time with God.

VERA: The WILD which we now call the FRUITFUL Community has groomed and taught us how to be masters of our time and how to live from a place of zero overwhelm. It Is refreshing to see you utilize this to get the best of the moment. 

The fruitful community just had it’s 72-hour prayer chain, what was your experience like participating in the 72-hour prayer chain?

TOSAN: My experience participating in the 72-hour prayer chain was simply revitalizing. I had a beautiful and phenomenal experience indeed. It was an unprecedented experience. Honestly, I felt nourished. The buffet was rich and crafted excellently. It catered to every aspect of life. 

VERA: Prayer is intimacy and communication with God and a way to make sure we are in alignment with God at all times. It was truly a buffet – full and nourishing.

How did participating in the prayer chain impact your spiritual life or perspective?

TOSAN: The prayer chain impacted my spiritual life positively. I had this hunger for more of God, to spend more time studying his word, feasting, and digesting the resources shared on what it meant to be “Fruitful”. Also, I knew without a doubt that as a FRUITFUL daughter of God; I flourish in and out of season.

VERA: This is what continuous prayer does and why we are called to pray at all times without ceasing. It brings an ever burning desire to have a deeper relationship and understanding of God. 

I Thessalonians 5: 17 – 19

17 Pray without ceasing.

18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

19 Quench not the Spirit.

With the ever distracting environment, did you encounter any obstacles or distractions during your time of prayer? If so, how did you overcome it? 

TOSAN: I did encounter some obstacles, especially during the third block (12 pm to 6 pm) on the second day. I  couldn’t unmute my mic due to some personal engagements as such I couldn’t pray out aloud as I would have loved to. How I overcame this obstacle was rejoining another watch within that block to get refueled and pumped. I feel praying aloud with mics on, gives a boost of energy,  making it seem one is in a physical prayer meeting space.

VERA: I totally get that. It brings it into proper perspective when we pray out loud and a physical reminder of the act. This does not in anyway diminish the silent form of prayers.

Drumrolllll please!!, What do you think about our new name and how will you be engaging it?

TOSAN: Our New Name is indeed prophetic and a word in season. It reaffirms what was told to me in my secret place.‬ Being Fruitful is my mantra, my reality, and my confession.‬‬

Psalms‬ 1:3‬ (TPT‬) “He will be standing firm like a flourishing tree planted by God’s design, deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss, bearing fruit in every season of life. He is never dry, never fainting, ever blessed, ever prosperous.”‬‬

VERA: Yes! And this is what we stand on as a community that we are ever flourishing.

 In your own words, how would you describe a FRUITFUL spiritual life?

A FRUITFUL spiritual life is a life connected to Jesus.  A life that knows the will of the Father by spending time in fellowship with Him. A life that bears the fruits of the Spirit. A life that can be likened to the life of Christ. Just like John 15:1-5 talks about us being the branches joined to the vine. The branches flourish by getting nourishment and vitality attached to the vine and are pruned periodically to ensure they are kept in shape and enabled to produce more fruits. Being apart from the Father; we can do nothing.

VERA: Indeed we can do nothing. How can we flourish when cut off from the source of nourishment – God

Which of the FRUITFUL tiers do you belong to and what informed your decision to join?

TOSAN: I belong to FRUITFUL Roots. Being in the WILD was all about the STRETCH and DEPTH in a great way  (The Prayer chain, weekly fast, monthly Daniel fast, vigils). The regimen in FRUITFUL Roots still enforces that stretch and depth. The demands might not be convenient but they are achievable.

VERA: As believers, we must first be rooted in order to bear fruit. The deeper our roots go, the more fruit (and better quality fruit) we’ll produce. And with deep roots, you can keep your footing, and this is what the FRUITFUL Root community is all about.

This has been an absolutely remarkable and interesting session with you, leader Tosan. Thank you for the gift of your time and sharing of yourself in such a deep and profound way. It was truly a delight speaking with you.


VERA: Shalom, FRUITFUL Leader, would you please introduceself. 

ENIOLA: I’m Eniola Olowookere 26 years old, I’m single, I live in Lagos and currently work as a Teacher, asides this I’m also a professional hairstylist. Haha… let’s just say, I love service. 

The holiday season is usually super distractive. How did you integrate prayer or spiritual practices into your holiday routine?

VERA: There’s so much joy in providing service, especially when its done for the love of God. 

Did you travel during the holiday? 

ENIOLA: No, I didn’t.

VERA: Wheew! At least you didn’t have to deal with the hassle of packing and unpacking. Lol! 

ENIOLA: Yeah, I honestly missed The FRUITFUL during that period. But, thank God I was able to pray everyday before stepping out of the house. 

VERA: I can imagine. The FRUITFUL is such a God given anchor. I missed all our activities and couldn’t wait for us to resume. Thank God we are back!

What was your experience like participating in the 72-hour prayer chain?

ENIOLA: I couldn’t join the 72-hour prayer chain…. And I’m yet to recover from what I missed. 

VERA: Oh, shoot! I’m so sorry to hear that. But, our prayer buffet is available and you can grab a sister or two to pray with. I am certain you’d enjoy it. After all, we are created to enjoy fruitfulness. 

What do you think about our new name and how will you be engaging it?

ENIOLA: The new name resonates so well with me… I’m shaking off every form of barrenness, in every facet of my life. 

VERA: As a matter of fact, it resonates deeply with me too. I could hear the Holy Spirit saying to me, It’s time to be fruitful. 

In your own words, how would you describe a FRUITFUL spiritual life?

ENIOLA: A FRUITFUL spiritual life is deep. 

VERA: So true! The depth we are entering by the grace of God is one that will manifest in every good work we do. 

Which of the fruitful tiers do you belong to and what informed your decision to join?

ENIOLA: I belong to the FRUITFUL root because it’s either deep or deep 

Plus the benefit of being in a group where the collective prayer has the potency to really influence my prayer life as well as the opportunity to enjoy the contribution of each member. This will help me cultivate the right habit and live a balanced lifestyle. 

VERA: Yessss! It is either deep or deep. Way to go, sister! Chase down your new depth. 

Its been such a great pleasure chatting with you, Eniola. I love how you spoke from the heart. Thank you for letting us glean from your experiences. God bless you. 


Shalom Shalom!
For the FRUITFUL Editorial Team

VERA: Hi, FRUITFUL Leader, please introduce yourself 

RITA: I am Iloh Ibidunni Rita – standing tall at a cool 5.69 feet, and you’ll always catch me rocking heels because let’s be real, I love heels. Some people even playfully call me “dongo” or question my heel obsession given my height, but hey, I love it!

VERA: A tall Lady in heels, that’s truly captivating! I’m sure you attract quite an attention as you walk into the room. 

Let’s talk holiday. What was the highlight of your holiday?

RITA: The holiday season was an absolute blast for me. So, here is the highlight for me. Before the break, I kick-started an NGO called Carethrone Foundation, focusing solely on catering to the elderly. I successfully launched our first outreach program in the Olunde Community in Ibadan. We distributed foodstuffs, toiletries, and even some cash gifts to the elderly residents. Witnessing those smiles light up their faces was priceless, and I’m grateful to God for making it a success. It added an extra layer of joy to my holiday season! 

I also had a full house with my sisters-in-law and my sibling during Christmas break. My husband is all about celebration, so there was non-stop shopping and cooking happening – and trust me, it was fun for me. Then came the New Year, and I jetted off to my in-law’s place in Osun. Unfortunately, I fell ill and couldn’t fully enjoy the festivities, but thank God I’m back on my feet now. Meanwhile, I was able to delve deep into self-reflection, mapping out where I am and where I want to be. It hit me hard – this is my season for “personal development”. Funnily, all these activities didn’t distract me from my spiritual activities. It was a period of gratitude for me, and that positive vibe extended to everyone around me. So, there was no room for anyone to rain on my thankful parade!

VERA: I have one word for you. Awesome! You rocked the busy and prayerful hat all through the holiday. That’s so cool.

What do you think about our new name and how will you be engaging it?

RITA: Now, let’s talk about the change from “WILD” to “FRUITFUL.” I was over the moon because it aligned perfectly with my personal declaration of fruitfulness in every aspect of life. Thanks to Nathaniel Bassey’s Hallelujah Challenge, that word had been my anchor. When our community officially became “FRUITFUL,” it felt like a confirmation – my happiness level went through the roof!

VERA: Haha… I can feel the joy in your heart and I know you couldn’t wait to share it with me. 

Did you encounter any obstacles or distractions during your time of prayer? If so, how did you overcome? 

RITA: I was a bit distracted during the 72-hour prayer chain for various reasons. My prayer game wasn’t as strong as I wanted, but hey, it was a solid start back into the community. Every time I engage with the FRUITFUL community, there’s this incredible sense of purpose that I can’t ignore.

VERA: Rita, your joy is contagious. You are indeed proof that a community that helps you build and sustain your word and prayer life is truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Have a lovely day. 

Thank you, sisters for sharing with us succinctly the experience of the holiday and how you’ve delved right into everything the FRUITFUL community has in store for us all. Sisters in the house, we are more than glad to hear from you all. Let us know how the holiday went, just a funny tidbit or something that especially stood out for you and of course, what you think about the name change. Let me know in the comments, I’ll be right here sipping my KununAya while reading your comments. Till I come swooping into your DMs, remember we are what we confess and a closed mouth yields no fruit.

Sisters, go and be unapologetically FRUITFUL. Ciao!

Shalom Shalom!
For the FRUITFUL Editorial Team

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