Here’s how DEEP PEOPLE like us INVEST our time (WILD Resolutions from EMBRACING DEPTH FAST)

May 5, 2023

Shalom Shalom, my WILD and DEEP Sisters. Eziaha here, and I just wanted to share a quick guide on how we should be spending our precious and limited hours after our May WILD Fast.

Meanwhile, how amazing was EMBRACING DEPTH?

Ah! God Himself didn’t only do what I knew He would do, He OUT-DID Himself, in my life and yours! May His name ever be praised! Hallelujah!

You can download the Fast Guide in PDF format here

Now that the Fast is over, you would agree with me that there is WORK to be done, and in the fixed 24 hours that we have, we LITERALLY have ZERO time to waste!

Drawing from the treasure that is my journal, on one of my Wednesday Shabbat Days, September 7, 2022, I had written down what my body needs to thrive and stay healthy – this is by no means science, but unique to me (and maybe most of us). I share this to layer what a DEEP LIFE needs. So here’s that journal entry…

My physical body needs, in addition to SLEEP:

  1. WORK: Hard work and chill work
  2. PLAY: Any physical activity that gets my blood pumping, e.g, exercise.
  3. REST: Leisure, slow down, do nothing that requires energy or exertion
  4. REFUEL: Time with good sister-friends and all.

I came to the conclusion that if I nourished my body with all of these on a regular basis, I would thrive indeed!

Now, what does a DEEP LIFE require that we spend time on, based on the EMBRACING DEPTH Fast we just concluded?

We are sharing this so that you KNOW how you should be INVESTING your time going forward.

Remember, a DEEP life is a GOOD life!

A DEEP LIFE requires time invested in:


We are not here for 5 minutes and ‘in-the-shower’ or ‘driving-to-work’ prayers only, NOPE. We make time and enough room for prayers so that we can cultivate depth there


Like we shared in the resources, be a MIXOLOGIST and learn from a Drunkard. A good drinker doesn’t stick to one bottle (Proverbs 23 v 29-30 MSG)

Who are the people who are always crying the blues? Who do you know who reeks of self-pity? Who keeps getting beaten up for no reason at all? Whose eyes are bleary and bloodshot? It’s those who spend the night with a bottle, for whom drinking is serious business.

Proverbs 23:29‭-‬30 MSG


With all the 10,000 teachers available to us, we must invest time in finding the treasures, mining the treasure, and applying the treasure. Treasures can be found in books, courses, events, programs, blogs, etc, and we are happy to invest the time it requires to find them.


Because we know that there is treasure inside of us, we will invest time in keeping the spring and fountain of our lives pure so we not only have life flowing out of us for ourselves, we also become DEEP WELLS of living waters that others can drink from and be blessed too


Very closely related to the 4th point, we agreed that we will give the Lord permission to call out any nonsense in our lives, and allow the light of God shine upon it, then expunge it, replace it, and keep nurturing the soil of our souls. This can be done with very intentionally and powerfully crafted DEEP CONFESSIONS.

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Yes! If we are going to produce rare and valuable content professionally that will increase our income, impact and JOY, then we can no longer allow any mediocre or un-excellent work be associated with us, no matter the work that we do. We will choose our depth philosophy, then employ a sophisticated thinking process, like we learned in the book, Deep work, which we reviewed in part,we’ll regulate and if necessary, eliminate how we engage with social media, and give more time and attention to going deep in our work/professional, family and spiritual life.


No more anyhow-ness at all anywhere. Like Mary, we will ponder and be good stewards of the promises God shows us about our children and husbands. At home, we will put in the work to be DEEP all round and run our homes like a Fortune 100 Business, and if single, we will go DEEP with God and never compromise until God Himself makes a presentation of one of His own sons to us.


Now we know that a godly and richly satisfying friendship requires time to cultivate. We won’t only ‘illusionally’ build ‘social media’ friendships with thousands of online ‘friends’ and assume we have friends, but we will allow the Lord place His desires in our hearts, and then strategically and wisely put in the work and time to cultivate those fewer but deep friends.


Literally, this is how we will be investing 80-90% of our time going forward.

We have to fight to DRAIN THE SHALLOWS completely from the CORE of our lives, leaving them only in the periphery, and putting strict boundaries on activities outside of these (and any more God highlights to you per season).

Now that God has played His own part by being so generous in counsel to us in this Fast, I know we will all go ahead and play our part in the resolutions we made, so that we can NORMALISE depth all round in our lives.

This is our reality in JESUS name; that we don’t know how to be ANYTHING but DEEP!

Cheers to depth, all round, all day, every day!

God bless you and Shalom Shalom!

Captain WILD!

If you are not in The WILD, or at least were not with us at the time of this fast, please download the Fasting Guide here. The resources and references in this blogpost are mostly mentioned there.


Let me leave you with this 2-parter question from James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits:

  • When I am living a good day, what am I spending my time on?
  • Do the sources of information I am exposed to each day support that lifestyle or distract from it?

Feel free to sub the ‘good day’ for DEEP DAY! Answer honestly, then make the necessary adjustments!

3 thoughts on “Here’s how DEEP PEOPLE like us INVEST our time (WILD Resolutions from EMBRACING DEPTH FAST)”

  1. This itself is a deep well as a stand alone, it now has deeper wells referenced in it.

    Thank you Captain WILD, we are deep stewards 💃💃💃💃

  2. Thank you Capt WILD for the generous discount and the RICH post! I love how this post nicely summarized on what was 5 – whole – days of a DEEP fast. Depth is the Next level and I’m excited to leave the shallow living behind. Depth everyday. All day by his grace. Amen.

  3. This fast was next level and I’m greatful to be a part of the deep community.
    Thank you captain

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