August Roundup Post – DEEP FRIED!

Shalom, Shalom, my deep fried sisters!

Happy New Month, Happy Daniel Fasting, and welcome to September!!!

How’re y’all doing, sisters? Hope you’re fully immersed in the Daniel fast? Well, it’s Day 9, and all I can say is, “Thank you, Lord, for the immense grace and strength you’ve given us so far.”

This is our monthly roundup post, and I am happy to bring you the amazing details of all that happened in The WILD in the month of August 2023. Now is a good time to grab some fresh, homemade fruit juice (yes, something that is very Daniel fast compliant).

You ready for my gist, Sisters?
Let’s go!!!!!!💃💃💃

First, we resumed from the one-month break (which appeared to be too long for me; but thankfully, we were fully equipped for the break so the break was well utilised), with a 72 hours prayer chain. Whoosh! The prayer chain was nothing short of God-ordained! Sisters, y’all rock so much! We literally prayed round the clock for 72 hours. You’ll agree with me that those three days were power-packed! I was personally refreshed and supercharged by it.

We had various apt prayer focuses, from praying for the Holy Spirit, to praying to be in alignment to His will, to the prayer of consecration, to prayers to remain in partnership with God, etc. If you missed out or you desire to go back to the prayer focuses, you can access them here.

Still on The WILD resumption, we welcomed about 30 new sisters into our family (main WILD and e-Fam), and they are currently on the WILD probation list before they’ll be fully immersed into subgroups.

Moving on, we had our Sunday activities, and the activities were engaging, fun, and reflective. We had the skittle connection game, and we had some really beautiful responses. Activities like this are one of the ways we bond as a community, and it also gives us the opportunity to know and learn more about each other beyond our zoom meetings. This fosters relationship building amongst us.

Now, let’s get to the gist about our Wednesday fasts. You’ll agree with me that we are well fed in The WILD because the fasting and prayer resources and the fast focuses are divinely inspired. We resumed with the focus on living an orderly, elegant life during a season of intensity, and the leaders sent us some questions to reflect on and answer them among ourselves. Well, I will be posting the questions again below.

  • What does my schedule look like right now for the next 3 months?
  • Is my time planned for me to win or for me to be chasing ‘deadlines’?
  • Am I being stretched, or am I overwhelmed?

We also went further, discussing among ourselves how to enjoy a beautiful, elegant life. We had moments of praying in the Holy Ghost, asking the Spirit to show us strategies and ways to apply His wisdom in our lives. A major scripture that stood out for me is Genesis 1:2.

The earth was without form and an empty waste, and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep. The Spirit of God was moving (hovering, brooding) over the face of the waters.

Genesis 1:2 AMPC

After that, we looked at salvation as a focus, and truly, that was another Wednesday filled with divine instructions! We were led to thank God for the gift of our salvation and also led to pray for our families, friends, and loved ones who are yet to come into the light. For me, this was an intercessory fast because we didn’t just get to pray for ourselves, we also prayed for the church – our pastors, leaders, ministers and missionaries; and went further to intercede for love, unity and healing in the church.

Our last Wednesday fast focus in the month of August prepared us for the ongoing 10 days Daniel fast. We prayed our spirit, soul, and body into getting set, positioning, and posturing well for this fast. And we can see the results!

One dedicated activity we have during every Wednesday fast is to pray for our beloved country, Nigeria, partnering with God to build the new Nigeria as He has promised. In the WILD community, we will continue to pray for our beloved country, no stopping, no backing out.

Is anyone excited like me about our Friday meetings since our resumption? Because, my sisters, our Friday meeting is one never to be missed. We started by changing from a 2-hour meeting to a 3-hour meeting, and we have been having a deep-dive study of the book of Acts. The study so far on chapters 1 and 2 has been really amazing! Starting from the illuminating teachings from our one and only Captain WILD, to answering deep and thought-provoking questions and getting to discuss them in the breakout room where we come back strengthened in prayers, to learning new things through the fun facts.

Truly, our Friday meetings have been full of corporate and personal encounters, and this is very significant. We themed the second half of the year Deep Fried, and we’re expecting to be deep fried by God. And trust me, sisters, it keeps getting better by the day. God has truly been getting us deep fried, fully immersed in His power and glory. So, please, don’t miss out on any of our WILD meetings. Also, remember to always live out the Acts of The WILD through your life. My pastor often says, the book of Acts did not end with “Amen” because God wants to write and include your own Acts; so, I am asking you, sister, what will the Acts of your life and my life be? Will it be minding our own business as we mind the Father’s business?

One more thing, I’ll encourage you to go back to those questions at intervals; we are not required to answer them only once. Let me share some of my highlights from the study of Acts with you:

  • Publicly identify with Jesus.
  • Bring down the kingdom of God here on earth.
  • Cancel Online Church, except when it’s absolutely unavoidable.
  • Shine my light and mind my business.
  • Prayer prayer everywhere.
  • Cancel Closet Christianity.
  • The Holy Spirit gives Boldness.
  • Don’t stop at tongues alone. Move to revelation and articulation.

Still reeling about the blessings of our Friday meetings, the testimonies shared by our sisters every Friday have been mind-blowing! What!!! God is truly in the midst of The WILD!

Have I talked about our first WILD immersive since we resumed? At this point, sisters, I just want to express myself with the word, omo😁😁! LoL . We had a great conversation at the PowWow session of the WILD IMMERSIVE, where we looked at navigating transitions/goodbyes with honor and sagacity. We had the opportunity to glean from the wisdom of two former WILD sisters who have the testimony of transitioning gracefully. Two key highlights I got from the session are: never ghost my leaders or friends in the season of transition and to always honor people, regardless of who they are.

Do you mind sharing your major takeaways from any of our WILD meetings since we resumed? We’d be glad to read about it, so, do well to share with us in the comment section. Thank you, thank you!!!

We also introduced a new culture into The WILD tagged The WILD flower Friday. This is an avenue to build in us the culture of appreciating and celebrating others that have in one way or another being a blessing to us. So, the goal is not just to focus on ourselves but to put the focus on others. We can give these flowers to our husbands, children, siblings, parents, inlaws, bosses, colleagues, pastors, mentors, friends, etc. But it’s obviously not limited to these people. We may not know how powerful our words can be unless we send them out to others. So, sisters, let us all be gracious with our words, let us spread them both far and near.

WILD September Celebrants

We all at The WILD Editorial Team would love to celebrate our WILD sisters born in the month of September. Please join us to celebrate them, pray for them, and give them the gift of words.

We celebrate YOU, sisters: Okesola Toyosi, Joan Olinze, Ekundayo Ayobami, Sarah Oyeyemi, Ajagbe Tolulope, Amedari Ifeoma, Ajiwaye Elizabeth, Favour Ezebuchi, Ajiboye Damilola

Happy birthday, sisters! This will be your best year yet!

As we nicely wrap up this round up post, let’s take a moment to look at some of the deep fried articles and series the Editorial Team blessed us with in the month of August:

Finally, sisters, have you done your Daniel Fast WILD giving? This is me gently reminding us of The WILD’s visit to the orphanage home during the break. From the testimonies shared, it was a truly beautiful time with the children of Pearl Orphanage Home. So, sisters, if you haven’t given yet, please endeavor to participate in the ongoing giving. Kindly reach out to Vcaps for more information.

How Well Do You Know The WILD Pathways?

Do you remember the pathways we have in The WILD and the leaders in each pathway?

You don’t?

Fret not, I got you covered!

1) Pastoral Care Pathway – Toyin Babafunsho, Sharon Okolosi, and Tolu Ajagbe.

2) Bible Study Pathway – Jane Boms, Olubukola Olukotun, Temitope Olumide, and Captain WILD, Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo.

3) Strategy Pathway – Dr Blessing Umeh, MBA Blessing Odiaka-Afakwu, and Dr. Temiloluwa Akinsola (In coach’s voice – we have 2 Drs and 1 MBA😂🤭)

Before I finally leave your face, we have the following upcoming activities in The WILD:

  • The WILD Orderly and Elegant Life 2.0 webinar – This will be held on Sunday, 10th of September 2023, at 8 pm WAT
  • The WILD Global Live hangout in Lagos, PH, and Abuja – this will be held in the three aforementioned cities in October.

Sisters, let’s all be a part of these meetings.

Thank you so much for tracking with me to the end, Sisters. I’ll leave you with this Bible passage; you can call it the word for the month.

But the good man walks along in the ever-brightening light of God’s favor; the dawn gives way to morning splendor,

Proverbs 4:18, TLB

Till I come your way again, stay DFDF – Deep Fried and Distraction Free!

Shalom Shalom!
For the WILD Editorial Team

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