A group of women for whom WORTHY WORSHIP is our posture, WORDED PRAYER is our love language, FASTING is our Meal Plan and INTENTIONAL GENEROSITY is our lifestyle.

Story of The Wild

It really is a most beautiful story. Funny I cannot exactly say ‘God told me to start’, rather I would say it just naturally flowed out of my person. I laaaaaaaaaaav to PRAY. I LOVE leading women to pray, and this has been the case from University of
Ibadan. I still have those my friends that I would call and harass to come downstairs with me at 5am to Idia Lawn so we could pray, and I almost always led
it. I would also go to Chapel grounds on a regular to pray. Then I have had groups I led from BBM and early Whatsapp days where we just prayed, and in very structured, strategic ways. However, they were 2D prayers mostly, meaning you just typed the prayers and people prayed offline.
Then one beautiful day in May 2018, my mama, Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo,
invited me to join the online prayers for an upcoming program by Just Us Girls
Naija, themed SHALOM. That was when I was introduced to Zoom. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!
That we had a thing like that where we could all PRAY and HEAR and SEE each
other while praying? WOW!!! I was sold and bought haha. I immediately did a rather hurried blog post asking 20 to 25 of my friends who wanted to pray to join me. In fact, I had planned to keep rotating the women, not having a stable group.


And what started as FRIDAY ZOOM PARTIES in 2018 would then later morph into
WILD WOMEN later that year, when we discovered the Revelations 12 woman in
The WILD, thanks to my American Sister, Sarah Jakes Roberts.

And here we are today, still going STRONG with more WILD prayer groups that have birthed from this one seed. What started with just me leading has trained almost 20 WILD leaders to date I almost cannot believe it, but I absolutely love it, and cannot wait to all God has in store for us as the years unfold.

With Love, 

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo, CAPTAIN WILD