Welcome to The WILD!

A group of women for whom WORTHY WORSHIP is our posture, WORDED PRAYER is our love language, CONSECRATED FASTING is our Meal Plan and INTENTIONAL GENEROSITY is our lifestyle.

Story of The WILD

It really is a most beautiful story. Funny I cannot exactly say ‘God told me to start’, rather I would say it just naturally flowed out of my person. I laaaaaaaaaaav to PRAY. I LOVE leading women to pray, and this has been the case from University of Ibadan. I still have those my friends that I would call and harass to come downstairs with me at 5am to Idia Lawn so we could 

Hall of Service

The WILD has been blessed with the gift of men as leaders

The WILD Babies

What started as ONE group of less than 20 women has grown into a large community reaching, by God’s grace, thousands of women with a prayer passion that spills over into every area of their lives. Here are some of The WILD babies, and we invite you to join us in one or more

WILD Sisters

This is our flagship group on WhatsApp, and here, we don’t just pray, fast and give together, we hold each other accountable too, like the sisters that we are


This is our extended family, open to everyone who wants to join activities, but without the accountability offered in The WILD Sisters

WILD Wives

Oh, this group was birthed out of a need to pray as strategically and powerfully as we do in The WILD, but this time, for wives and moms strictly

CORPORATE Prayers for Nigeria

Fellow Nigerians (lol), If you are only focused on all the news in Nigeria in 2021, it is very likely that you are very overwhelmed with all that is happening. It may feel like the next step is to give up.

Rejoicing MOMS

This is for our sisters who are in faith for their babies, who we call Rejoicing moms.

WILD Mentoring Academies

While this is not exactly a PRAYER group, we believe in mentoring those coming behind us, and so we have MENTORING programs

Come join us

Are your thirsty for Abba? Do you have hunger pangs for God? Does worded prayer sounds like a Love language you would love to have?

What DOES The WILD mean to YOU?

We asked a few of our sisters this question, here is what they said:

To me, The WILD community is a place where I meet with ABBA, a place of koinonia, a place were ABBA unveils himself to me, a place of strength and nourishment in all aspects of life.

Uche Collins Favour
Wild Soteria

I have been in The WILD since it’s inception and I must say it’s been a journey of growth with ABBA. It’s a safe space for me to fellowship with women with similar goals

Damilola Fajinmi
Wild Soteria

The WILD to me is a place of enrichment, enlightenment, upliftment and revitalization. A situation of iron sharpening iron as we come together to pray and worship the Father in one accord.

Temitope Olumide
Wild Kainos